Friday, June 10, 2011

Beauty mistakes that men will notice and walk away from.

There are some beautiful women out there in the world.  Men will eye them and women will size them up.  Then there are the women that we just have to stare at and it is their whooper sized mistakes.  You can't help but notice them.  Let me show you a few of the doozies that have drawn my attention.

The dark roots.

bad hair day.     

Seeing this look just makes me cringe.  I am not sure if it is supposed to be a style statement, or if the person has absolutely no time to look in the mirror and witness the passage of time.  If they are going for getting back to their natural color, there are better ways to do it than this.  You only need a little growth exposed to match a color.
 Bad lipstick.

this is just not right

I just don't know what to say about this lipstick look.  It is a mixture of trying to get a fuller lip and trying to have the natural looks. It is a big peeve to me.

women dressing older than their age.

Helen Bonum Carter
Miss Carter is a beautiful woman.  This looks isn't really the worst I have seen her wear.  In this picture it is the hair I focus on as being so beautiful until she attached all the silly accessories.  It is just a bit much.

Here is pic of my look today.

I call this look chemo chic

Just say no to drug. LOL!

The funniest nurse you will ever meet.
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