Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Made in America!http://www.leeindustries.com/

People, when you go shopping do you notice that virtually everything has a made in China sticker on it?  Do you wonder who works in America and if things are still made here?  Well, millions of people work here and as many products are still made here instead of being out sourced.  I will be featuring some of those on my blog from time to time.  Since the theme of my blog is a more beautiful life.  You will find anything from cosmetics, to yard decorations and clothing. 

First let me start with a quick and surprising discovery.  My very favorite cosmetic line is made right here in California.  Lime crime cosmetics is made in Los Angeles California.  I did a little happy dance when Erica aka Doe Deere of Lime crime responded to the question where they were made.  I had the suspicion when they relocated from New York to Cally.  This totally excited me.  Because when I purchase an American product I feel like I am supporting my country a bit more.  http://www.limecrimemakeup.com

For clothing that is made in the good 'ol US of A.  You can shop American apparel at your local mall or go online.  There is a large array of clothing to be shopped.  Men, women, and children's clothing.  Plus they have a vintage line!!  Yummy stuff there.  http://store.americanapparel.net

If you have a desire to put new furnishing in your home.  You may want to check out furniture from Lee Industries.  Opened in 1969 by Bill and Dotty Coley.  The home of Lee industries in North Carolina.  If you would like to view the furniture catalog you can check it out here.   http://www.leeindustries.com

These are just a few of the most awesome American made products you can find.  Now if you are thinking that it is more costly to buy American you will be quite surprised.  Most products that I purchase at Sephora are no less than $40.  While each product I buy at Lime Crime are $14-16.  The clothing at American apparel is right in price point with other stores that sell clothing from other countries.  Such as Aeropostle, and Forever 21.  Both are stores that I really like.  The furniture at Lee industries has such a wide selection and style, with cost being very comparable with other stores such as Ashley furniture.

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