Monday, January 31, 2011


I made you LOOK!! LOL.  No really.  Sex is what the beauty industry is all about.  We think we are just making ourselves presentable, pretty, feel good. Yes, there is a dark side to all the messages that are sent out through the media about sex.  It can foul up a young woman's self esteem.  Yet the beauty industry does have a kinder gentler side that it doesn't brag about to the world.

Did you know that Kryolan cosmetic company makes this astonishing product to help burn victims to help them conceal their scars? These makeups can also cover thins such as strawberry birthmarks. The product I am talking about is  called dermacolor camouflage color Palette.  Kryolan makes many other wonderful products that are used for stage but can cross over into regular life to help people who suffer from skin problems.  I even use this product to cover a small portion of my scars that show.  I can attest to the fact that I completely covers scars so that you wouldn't even know.

That is just one line of make.  I am sure that there are companies that make products for the sake of helping with deeper issues than pouty lips and longer lashes.  The truth is out there right.  In the meantime, they are just selling sex, and we are buying it.

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