Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So, how'd that going without makeup work out for ya?

My two days of going without the makeup are over.  I intended to film my errands yesterday, but my cell phone video was cutting out on me.  Since I can't share my vids with you I will just share my observations.

First off it saved me about 15-20 minutes in the morning getting ready.  For some reason going without the makeup made me feel like dressing down more than dressing up.  I just went with jeans and my t's with sayings on them.  In public it didn't really seem like guys noticed at all but girls were brutal.  For instance.  At Sams club I was openly treated mean by store employees that I asked for help with a click and pull order.  It was ugly how they treated me.  I'm certain that if I were dressed up and made up they would have had more respect.  The experience was eye opening.  To see the way that girls behaved left me feeling icky to be a girl.  I sure hope I'm not like that to other ladies.  Since this eye opener I'll be more aware of that sort of stuff, and not do it.  It can be such a vicious cycle.

We all do it.  Yuck, look at her dress, or hair, ect.  I don't know it is to puff ourselves up or we think it is subliminally helpful to the other person to put them down that way.  Not so much.  Any how, Going without makeup made me feel like not doing anything fancy to my hair or dressing up.  It had more negative effects on me than positive ones.

Well People, thank you for following the going bare documentary.


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