Thursday, January 27, 2011

Add a little touch of gold to anything and it makes it prettier, even eyeshadow

Today out sheer makeup boredom, I decided to glitz it up a bit. Plus it has been a couple days since I've worn makeup. With my eyes I decided to throw in a bit of Gold.

Here is what I used:

On the lower lid I used Mac Golden lemon
For outer corner I used Lime Crime Dragon Scales
Cheeks Laura Geller in Brighten in Sunlight
Eyeliner NYX Big eyeliner
Mayballine mascara

Top photo is a bit of a blur from a shaky hand.  Whoops!  It felt nice to have myself a bit dressed up again.  If you get a chance to play with gold, go for it.  It is a fun color and adds such a great attention getting pop to your eyes.  If you have colors in your pallets that don't get used, try them on your lower lid.  Experiment.  You may find a new look that you love.

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