Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fashion isn't just for people, Pets love dressing up too.

People feel great when they are dressed their best.  It makes them feel proud.  It is like the peacock strutting around with his feathers all out.  We are in full plumage.  People also love their pets.  We treat them like little furry people.  They are like our children!  So, should it come as any surprise that we take such pleasure in dressing them up a bit.  It is no secret I have dachshunds and adore the breed.  So here is a photo or two of the little wieners.

You can find these little jackets at

If your dog is the sporty type who rides bikes or digs being on a motor cycle, then they might need a great pair of Doggles.

These can be found at

You can find these items at

And for those of you have a deep love of the kitties out there.  They deserve to be fashionable too.  Here is a site for them and some pretty pictures  for you to check out.

Aren't they all so sweet?  I just love little furry people.  They just love you without question.  I don't often dress my pets up.  The don't have much fur so if it is massively cold outside I have been known to put a doggie sweater on them.  Nothing quite so designer as the things I have shown you.  But if you have a pile of cash laying around or you just really love to indulge your pet, I hope these tips and sites will help.

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