Monday, January 17, 2011

My list of greatest feel good songs.

People, Do you ever have a day where you wake up and want to stay in bed?  You know the day I'm talking about.  You feel less than yourself, and you just can't imagine going through the motions of any kind of routine.  On those days I usually force myself to put on makeup.  My theory is if I look good then it might trick my brain into feeling better.  Most of the time it works.  But..... if that doesn't do it for me I have a full bag of tricks that I can pull out one by one.  Dress up.  No?  That didn't do it for you either?  Okay, how about call a friend and make them tell you jokes?  So, it was nice catching up with your friend, but you've heard all those jokes before.  All the experts in mental health say laughter is the best medicine for gloomy days.  Maybe you have a sitcom in your dvd you can watch.  But if you've done all of that and you still feel blah.  Well people try music.  Yup I said music.  It is even more healing a than laughter.  Who knows, maybe while you listen to the music you can laugh.  Then you will feel like a super human.

I have made a list of what I'll call my greatest feel good songs ever.  Well at least in my lifetime.  Here they are:

  1. Black sheep- The choice is yours
  2. Bleach- Super good feeling
  3. August burn red- Carol of the bells (any time of year)
  4. Devo- Whip it
  5. Lenny Kravitz- American woman
  6. Mike Posner- Cooler than me
  7. Petula Clark- Downtown
  8. Kerli- Tea Party
  9. ZZ Top-Cheap sunglasses
  10. Ayiesha Woods- Beauty * ( This is a super song if your feeling cruddy)
  11. Earthsuit- One time
  12. U2- Beautiful day
  13. John Lennon-Imagine
  14. Don McLean- American Pie
  15. Louis Armstrong- What a wonderful world
  16. R. Kelly- I believe I can fly
  17. B 52's- Love shack
  18. Jason Mraz- I'm yours
  19. KJ- 52- Do Yo Thang
  20. Pecular People Band- Can I leave my head
These are songs that really lift me.  I love to rock out to Beauty in the car.  Earthsuit makes me feel good.  If I'm feeling blue, What a wonderful world and beautiful day really hit the spot.  Did you know that American pie is like a 10 minute long song?  You'll be singing at the top of your lungs.  If you feel bad at the beginning, you will feel great by the end.  You just can't help it with that song.  Any how people, I want to know what you list of greatest feel good songs ever are.  It doesn't have to be 20.  It can be two or three.  Or even just one.  Post in the comments below.  I can't wait to hear from you.  Everyone is so different.  It will be cool to see what you put.

Oh, So here is a photo of me after I dragged myself out of bed and forced myself to put on makeup and listen to some awesome tunes with my bestest forever hubby.

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  1. I like down to Earth songs, you know the ones that make me feel human like:
    Collin Raye - Not That Different
    Alabama - In Pictures or Forever's As Far As I'll Go, In a Hurry
    Carrie Underwood - Jesus Take the Wheel
    Sometimes I need that sing-out-loud song like you suggest needs to be done sometimes: Iron Man (I sing the guitar part), Styx - Crystal Ball.
    When I'm in the mellow mood I go for some Foreigner - Waiting For a Girl Like you, or Kelly Clarkson's - Thankful, or A Moment Like This.

  2. I love sing out loud songs too! Unfortunately my voice isn't what it used to be. But at least I make a joyful noise. LOL