Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chapstick, otherwise known as survival ointment.

Chapstick.  Here is a product that has versatility and staying power.  This product was first made in 1880 in Lynchburg, Virginia by Dr. Charles Browne Fleet.  He later sold the rights for just $5.00.  Yea, this stuff has been around for a while.  There have been a few things added, such as spf, or flavoring.  Essentially the formulation has remained the same though.

There are a wide variety of flavors and colors now days.  It can even be purchased in multipacks.  Aside from using it to calm your chapped lips there are many more uses for this survival stick that I wonder if you know about.

Here are some I use, and some I have found:

  1. Chapped lips
  2. wind burned face
  3. eyebrow gel substitute
  4. mustache wax
  5. tame fly away tresses and split ends
  6. use for sore nose during a cold
  7. add to powdered makeup to change it into a cream makeup
  8. use on your fingernails to grow longer stronger nails
  9. apply medicated chapstick to acne as a treatment to dry up acne breakouts
  10. use chapstick with spf as an under eye cream in the a.m.
  11. use as a cutlicle cream
  12. treatment for razor bumps
  13. medicated chapstick for mosquito bites, ant bites
  14. use on razor nicks

Golly, this stuff is amazing right?  Who knew?  It seems like a no brainer to keep a few tubes of this in your makeup kit.  Maybe even keeping a little list of the uses  might come in handy in case you need to McGuiver something in your beauty routine.

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