Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cirque du Soliel totem

Hello my people,
Once again I find myself writing about Cirque Du Soliel. Their new show totem is one you must see. I wish it would come to Dallas soon. My mom saw it in Denver, and said she has never seen anything like it. She couldn't take her eyes off the show, and she left completely entertained.


As you know, in addition to the talent and the acrobats, It is the unbelievable behind the scenes stuff that I love. The stage makeup, hats, masks, costumes, and beautiful wigs. I have a few photos from their site to share with you. I also have the link to their site if you would like to drop by and order tickets for a show coming to your town.

The website tell the story of Totem as a trip or journey through the evolution of man and other species.  All done through acrobatics and dance, as well as other amazing tricks and feats of amazing skill.

Don't you just find the makeup and all the props amazing?  If you have the chance to go see this show, you should go.  If I get a chance to go, I will go and tell you all about it.

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