Sunday, April 3, 2011

How to have a healthy makeup look while dealing with a long term illness

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From the bottom of my heart I want to thank everyone who is sending me hopeful messages and also letting me know they are praying.  Your thoughts and your prayers are gifts of gold to me.  The following article is about how to maintain your makeup and skin care during a long term illness.  Tips are how to look as healthy and beautiful as you can during such a time.

Tip one: water!  Water is highly important to all body functions.  If you have a long term illness of any sort, you will want to make sure you stay hydrated.  This is essential for healthy organ function as well as skin health, and cell energy.  Drinking lots of water also helps your to keep your mind focused and clear.  Dehydrated people tend to lack focus and feel run down.  .  You may not have an appetite during your illness, but you should drink the water.  You will be glad you did.

Tip two: skin!  Take better care of your skin during this time, by not using hot water on it.  Warm water will be more gentle to your skin.  After washing with warm water make sure you immediately moisturize.  Use a very good moisturizer.  Use it in the morning and at night.  Don't forget to use your sun screen.  This will make a huge difference in protecting your skin from sun damage.  This is something we should do all the time, even before diagnosed with an illness.  Hats are also a big benefit to keeping your skin healthy during sickness and in health.  The keys here are moisture and protection.

Tip three:  foundation!  The more heavy a foundation is applied the more it can tend to cake and bring out your wrinkles and laugh lines.  This can give the appearance of being older than you are and looking ragged and tired.  Use a light hand to apply a foundation that is less dark than usual.  Use one that gives you  more of a glow, and it will lend to the appearance of health.  having a good tinted moisturize can be of great benefit.  You are using a multitasking product that will save time and improve your skins healthy look.

Tip four: color correction!  Prior to doing your makeup, using a light color corrector or concealer, add dabbs to dark skin spots, under eye circles, and acne.  Gently blend this is with a concealer brush or a light tap of your pointer finger.  Benefit has erase paste or you could use derma-blend by kryolan.  Then apply a neutral color or clear face powder.  For this I'd actually suggest the HD powder by makeup forever.    

Tip five: keeping it real!  This is not a time that you want to try out that dark blue eyeshadow.  Or the blood red lipstick.  Keeping your color choices in a more neutral shade will keep people looking at you instead of you makeup.  Experimenting with different shades of color is fine as long as it is well blended.   

Tip six:  finishing touches!  Don't forget to use eyeliner and mascara.  Just use q-tips to correct splotches and smudges.  Those finishing touches make all the difference.  

Tip seven: hair!  Brush your hair.  If you want to give a more alert, awake energetic appearance, pull your hair back into a loose pony tail.  This makes your eyes look more open and brightens your face immediately.  

This isn't really a tip.  More an opinion really.  I have said it before and you will hear it again, "no matter how bad you feel if you fake it and put on makeup and get dressed nice it can totally make you fell better."  Trying these tips can help you feel a lot better and look great too.  All 7 of these tips together should take less than 10 minutes for all the makeup.  Remembering to drink water just takes a second. 

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