Monday, April 25, 2011

Royal wedding week

We have arrived here in London. There is no doubt that a Royal wedding is about to occur. As we are staying in the Rubens at the palace, all you need to do is walk out the front door to see the parade baracades blocking the sidewalk access to the streets. Just a block away there are some rather large temporary buildings to house the reporters along the parade route. The stores all have memorabilia. Tea cups, photos, t-shirts, all with the photo taken at the time of engagement. Royal wedding fever is definitely in the air.

Here is a link to the hotel we are in:,ppc,rubens+at+the+palace

The neighborhood is beautiful toward the palace end of the street.  The side away from the palace begins to get a bit more city with shops, pubs, and tourist type places.  There have been many double decker bus sightings.

And I am certain that this is the phone booth that Dr. Who uses, but Mo thinks it is an elevator.  (referred to as a lift here in London)

You can see that Mo is on his way UP the elevator.  Ha ha.

The area around the Palace has the beautiful stable called the Mew.  There are fountains with statuary all around.  Columns with the names of all the areas that England has colonies, and the Royal guard out front of the palace of course.  Today we will be taking a tour on the big brown bus, and there will be far more to share after today.  We haven't even hit the beauty shops and shopping yet.

Parade route down Buckingham Palace Rd

The guard

main Palace gate

Buckingham Palace (Royal residence)

Temporary building for reporters

Well, people, that is all I have for today.   I will write more as we go about our adventure.


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