Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tomorrow is the Royal wedding!

Hello people I wanted to share a map image with you of the Royal parade route and where our hotel falls on the map.  On the map where it say "Goring Hotel" that is where Kate and her family will be staying the night and leaving from to go the the wedding.  Where our hotel is the street that crosses through the words Buckingham Palace.  Our street crosses through it from top to bottom and then hooks around towards where it says Parliament square. The street is called Buckingham Palace road.  Kate and her family may be passing by our hotel on the way to the ceremony, or they could be taking the road by Victoria station.  Although the hotel assures us she and her family will be coming down this road.  We are a short 5 minute walk to where the semi-circle at the back end of Buckingham Palace is.  That is the end of the parade route and the side of the Palace where William and Kate will be coming out for their first Royal greeting.  Mo and I intend to make our way there after watching the ceremony on the tv here in the hotel.  After we view the first public kiss as Husband and wife, we will attending a Royal wedding meal at the hotel.  The first meal that is served after a Royal wedding is called breakfast no matter what time of the day it is served.  Though our meal will be at 8 in the evening it is still called the Royal breakfast.  The meal is sampled on Royal weddings past.  There will be a poached salmon, Sole in mushroom compote, and duck.  Of course for dessert there is traditional Royal wedding cake and Campaign.  Being a vegetarian, I will probably stick with the salmon.  But it will be a total blast non the less.  The excitement is electric here in the heart of London.  We will do our best to photo and video as much as we possibly can.

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