Sunday, February 27, 2011

Have you ever thought about being a makeup artist?

It has always been something I have enjoyed dabbling with.  Messing with cosmetics on my face, that of friends, and family members.  Over the years, I have had poor impulse control when it comes to the purchase of products in new cosmetic lines.  My beginnings were in Cosmetology right out of high school.  That really doesn't go into too much depth when it comes to makeup and color theory.  It took me till well into my adulthood to take a class or two.  There are not too many schools that are anchor schools here in Texas.  Most of the solid well know school of makeup artistry are in London, Toronto Canada, California,  and New York.  The school I chose is quite nontraditional.  It is a traveling school called Last Looks Makeup Academy.

The classes I took were "just eyes, and bridal makeup".  Though I would love to take 5 days with a madman.  Working with latex and doing special effects sounds very challenging to me.  If you've considered going into makeup and don't want to pursue a career as an estetician to get there here is the link to find future classes in your city.

The classes are incredibly informative and fun.  Well worth the price.  It is also very helpful to get your hands on every single book you can read on all types of makeup applications.  Right  now I'm hunting for the Ford Modeling agency book.  It is basically the cosmetic and model bible.  

I hope you enjoyed your stop at missditz-thebeautifullife.


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