Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Oscars are here!

Will you be watching tomorrow?  I will definitely be watching.  I have my spot on the couch all picked out, and the snacks are stock, a nice bottle of wine in the fridge.  It's the red carpet that gets me going.  Who are you wearing.  I get this image of some dude strapped to the ladies back when they say who are you wearing.  Get it?  Like they literally are wearing someone!  Okay, so maybe that is only funny to me.  But I do love the red carpet.  It is so fun to watch the glamor and the flops.  Oh the flops can be so awful can't they?

Then the anticipation of who will get best actor and who will win best picture.  I also love to see the remote ones that they don't show on air like best makeup artist.  These are my simple pleasures for me.  I get such a laugh when they play the music over people who make super long thank you speeches.  " And I'd like to thank the man who bagged my skin cream at sephora, without him my wrinklees would be so bad I couldn't stand on stage tonight and give this 10 minute long speech.  Oh oops, they are playing me off and they've brought the hook out, toodles." LOL.  Who doesn't enjoy the sly way actors sneak their political agendas into their speeches?  That's great stuff.

The drunk speech.  Wow, those are really worth looking forward to.  "Ramble ramble ramble, blah blah blah, thank you everybody, and I love you man!"  The speeches that actors and actress have to thank everyone, and I mean everyone.  "I'd like to thank my first grade teacher, my pediatrician, the professor I had an affair with in college, oh and mom and dad, and my husband, oh crap, and the director, and the producer, and the other actors who sucked so bad they made me look good enough to win actress of the year.' 

There are some great moments though.  A lot of comedic relief.  Some great performances, funny speeches, and interesting hosting.  Let me break it down.  You have the pregame show ( red carpet) the main event (the Oscars) the after parties (the next mornings gossip).  Isn't life beautiful on Oscar night?  All glitter, and shiny, dressed up and fabulous.  But by the next morning it is all crumpled, hungover, slightly barfy smelling, and full of embarrassing news.  I just love the Oscars. 

See you there.  Or at least join you from my couch. 

Happy Oscar Parties,


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