Thursday, February 17, 2011

What you gonna do in those shoes?

Here's the scenario: You've got a big night planned later in the week. The perfect outfit is in play. You've bought the dress, the bag, and some killer high heels. Then the dread sets in. Those heels are gonna kill your feet. Right? Your toes will rub, the back of your heel will get all raw and uncomfortable, and your arch will be achy. All the while you will smile and pretend you feel sexy, while internally you are dreaming of the moment you can hurl those shoes on the floor of your closet. You know I'm right.

Okay here's the game plan: Ahead of time you get yourself two one gallon ziplock freezer bags. Fill them 3/4 of the way with water. Slip them into the shoes so that the bag fits from the toe to the heel. If it doesn't just add more water. Now, place your shoes in the freezer. You want them standing upright. The water is going to freeze and expand and push out your heel and your toe ever so slightly. This will make your shoes feel nicely broken in when you wear them.

This will sound silly but wear them. Put those pretty shoes on and walk around the house in them to get the clothes out of the dryer, and fold them, hang them ect. Do a few walking around inside chores just to get used to them. It helps. Practicing walking in them is good for establishing your posture in them as well as breaking them in.

A little prep work goes a long way. Purchase the shoes a good set of foot petals to put in your heels. This will help to prevent any heel rub or toe irritation, plus cushion your arch so that you don't feel any stress in that area of your foot. You can find them at  Also Dr. Scholls makes a great set of inserts for high heels.  These can be purchased at any regular store.  There is also a product called Dr. Scholls moleskins.  This is an ace bandage type tape that you put over a sensitive area such as a heel or over your toes to prevent rubbing.  I purchased a roll of this a year ago for $5.99 and it has lasted me a year with more to spare. 

foot petals

Perhaps you are a rare breed of heel wearer and can slip them on and suffer no ill affects.  I say bless you.  For the rest of us, these are some thing that will really help. 

Now Go Forth and wear those heel  in comfort and in peace.  No one needs to know what you gonna do in those shoes. 

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