Monday, February 14, 2011

Honey-it's a thing of beauty.

Honey is natures miracle.  You can sweeten with it, cook with it, use it as flavoring.  But wait there's more! It is a humectant too!  That means that if you were to use it as a facial or a conditioner it would draw moisture from the air and apply it to either your face or hair.  Not only does it do that but it is also an herbal remedy.  Use a Tablespoon mixed with tea to sooth a sore throat.  Apply a small amount to a cut and it acts as an antiseptic.  It's been said that a bit of honey on toast will cure a hangover.  I toured a local apple farm a while back.  They also had bees and made honey.  While there, they told us, that if you eat honey from a local honey farmer whereever you are in the world, it will cure you of the allergies you suffer in that area.  It's because the bees pollinate the things that are local  you may be allergic to.

Who doesn't love those cute honey bear bottles?  They are crazy cute, right?  If you squirt some honey from one and mix it with  some oatmeal you have created a nice facial scrub.  You can also use honey and a medium granulated sugar to create a great hand and foot scrub.  A terrific acne fighting mask that also works to fight dry skin is to break up an uncoated aspirin and mix it with a TBSP of Honey.  Apply this to your face and allow it to rest for about 15 minutes.  Then rinse it with a warm wash cloth until all traces are gone.  Deep conditioner with a liberal squirt of honey put on your hair and then wrapped in a towel fresh from your dryer for about an hour, then rinse.  This will extend the benefits for your deep conditioner, and make your hair smell sweet. 

There are so many more ways that honey can be used to enrich your beauty regimen.  These are just some hightlights.  The most interesting one to me, at least one that I never knew, was that it was a hangover cure.  If  you enjoyed this post leave a comment or take a moment to subscribe.  Thank  you!


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