Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Making yourself crazy beautiful while living with fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is in the same family as arthritic disorders. It is a skeletal muscular disease. It is a disorder characterized by pain throughout the body. Imagine a person with arthritis, They have horrible pain in their joints.  Well people with who live with fibro have horrible pain in the fibrous tissues of their muscles.   This will leave them often tired, feeling stressed over the amount of pain they feel, may feel more pain and more often throughout the body, and their skin can be sensitive to touch.  They may also have a difficult time trying to get to sleep and staying asleep.  They may also find physical activities to be unbearable.  Other symptoms can include problems with temperature changes and pain when it comes to periods and problems voiding wastes.

This disease wrecks havoc on your skin and hair.  You can have thinning hair and hair loss, and your skin can be very dry and blotchy.  So, what is a person with any of these issues to do.  Well, they need the advice of a pro who is familiar with the issues.  I happen to have fibromyalgia.  I have it as a result of trauma from too many surgeries and repeated infections.  For my pain I'm treated with pain management and low impact excersize like Pilates and yoga.

As for makeup an skin issue and hair.  For makeup it is vital that you start with an even foundation.  Start with clean moisturized skin.  Then move on to doing color correction and evening your skin tone, covering dark circles and blemishes.  After that apply your foundation, and then set it with a light dusting of powder.  This leaves a flawless look to your face.  Perfect foundation for the rest of your makeup.  Move on to your other makeup as you would normally.

As for hair that is thinning and falling out here is what the doctors suggest.  Of course there are prescription medicines for that. Then you can use over the counter shampoos to help, but once you start you can't stop using them.  Since hair loss and thinning is cyclical with fibro, it is best to try to shampoo every other day and just rinse on the in between days or if you must use a deep conditioner.  If your problem becomes worse then you move forth to the big guns of prescription medicine, and prescription shampoos.  

For the dry skin situation, it isn't limited to your face.  It tends to be an all over problem.  moisturize in the morning and after shower.  Make sure to lotion your hands after washing them, use lip balm, using a tinted moisturizer with spf is wise in controlling dry facial skin.  Coconut oil is a terrific deep moisturizer for your body, hands and feet.  Use a deep conditioner on your hair several times a week.  

In addition, stay hydrated.  Drink lots of water.  Get plenty of rest.  Take naps if you can.  Wear hats to protect your skin from the damage of sun.  Plus you just look way cute.  Protect your eyes from squinty wrinkles by wearing sun glasses when you are outside every time.  Another bold fashion statement.  Staying hydrated will help a bit with the fatigue.  

Well that about wraps things up.  If you have any questions about fibromyalgia please feel free to ask.


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