Friday, February 25, 2011

Mod cloth cabin fever sale

Has all this Winter cold got you down?  Have the storms kept you house bound?  I bet you are itching to do something fun!  If you are still snowed in and want to do some online shopping to pass the time, Mod cloth is having a cabin fever sale.  There are so many items on sale.  Shirts, and bottoms, and tops, and skirts, and dresses, shoes as well as makeup.  If you are not snowed in you can hit up the real mall, but I guarantee you there isn't anything near as cool as what you will find at modcloth.  This web store is vintage, hip, fun, stylin, cool, and ever so girly.  Happy shopping. 

Last week before heading out to Colorado I ordered a trench coat, but it was the wrong size so I sent it back.  Returns and exchanges are super easy at Modcloth.  I froze just a little in my heavy sweater coat.  It wasn't heavy enough.  With this sale going on I decided that "As God is my witness, I will never go frozen again!"  So, I decided to stock up.  Here is a few pictures of what I ordered. 

Gumdrop Detective coat

Sophisticated sleuth coat

It is always inevitable that while you are on a trip you will leave something behind.  I discovered that I misplaced my Lime crime retrofuturist lipstick.  My favorite!  It could still turn up in a purse pocket or suit case pocket.  Although I have searched everywhere.  So, I order a new tube of that also.


Don't those coats look fun?  I can't wait to get them and wear them for these last few weeks of winter.  If you decide to order something send a photo to share.  I'd love to see!

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