Sunday, February 6, 2011

Max Factor and how he Changed the Face of the world

Max Factor is the inventor of modern makeup.  He has completely altered w omen's faces around the world.He built a cosmetics Dynasty that became the cornerstone of the multibillion-dollar cosmetics industry.

Generally nice girls didn't wear makeup in his day. Even the word makeup was whispered in hushed tones in high society—until Max Factor came onto the scene. Max was born in Poland in 1877,  worked as a beautician for the Russian royal family, the Romanovs.  Then in 1904 he had to flee to America.  This is where the beginnings of his cosmetics empire began. He opened a  store in Los Angeles. He started out by making  makeup originally for silent films, then he graduated to working on  the talkies, and at long last his makeup and his skills were seen in  color motion pictures. Max worked on  designs for Katharine Hepburn, Rita Hayworth, Bette Davis, and numerous movie stars of the day. Eventually women of every walk of life wanted copy the look of their favorite movie stars, and Max was happy to show them how. He brought his ingenious cosmetics to the  public.

He revolutionized the beauty industry by creating  many original products.  He was the first to design and create false eyelashes, lip gloss, foundation, eye shadow, the eyebrow pencil, concealer, wand-applicator mascara, and water-resistant makeup. A true architect of what we know as the modern beauty industry , Max familiarized the world with  the concept of color harmony through what is now known as the color wheel.   He also devised the idea of celebrity-endorsed cosmetics advertising.  He lead a very exciting and thoroughly modern life for the time he lived in.  I would consider him a true artist in the realm of cosmetics and fashion.  He took what was only originally intended for actors and actresses, and the very wealthy and brought it to us regular folks.  That makes Max okay by me. 

Max Factor was a true original.  What an incredible life story.  The most exciting part of the story to me, is that he took what he knew and shared it with regular folks like me.  He could have kept it exclusive.  But that wasn't his way.  This man wanted to help every woman feel beautiful, so he made that possible. 

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