Sunday, February 20, 2011

New treasures from the past-ancient eyeliner

Here I am in Colorful Colorado visiting with my inlaws.  My mother in law Alice showed me an amazing treasure yesterday.  It is a brass container that is very old.  It contains powered eyeliner.  I'm assuming it is a type of kohl.  The top of the container lifts and has a long metal pen used for tracing the eyeliner around your eyes.  This old and very beautiful piece of history was an amazing and miraculous for her to share with me.  But my mom in law is just like that.  She loves to share parts of her life that she has saved through out the years.  Here are a few photos of the the vessel.

These next two photos show how the vessel is used for application and then the final results.  My mother in law says that as early as the 1920's the women were still using this as a makeup, and that babies has this applied around their eyes at birth to prevent eye infections.  Now days Doctors apply and eye ointment immediately after birth.  Times do change, but wearing makeup has not. 

These many different types of cosmetic methods through out time, and in our modern time the resurgence of old methods is just fascinating to me.  Tell me your thoughts by placing your comments below.  Also take a moment to subscribe.  


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