Monday, February 28, 2011

As Promised, update on my reconstruction process.

Well my amazing people.  Tomorrow at 2pm I go in for the appointment that got canceled due to the recent snow storms.  What I think this appointment will accomplish is this.  I'll have an exam, discuss the type of surgery options and make some choices, set a date, and get the process rolling.  I am feeling anticipation since this whole process from beginning till now has taken so long.  My cancer began in 2001 and I had my reconstruction in 2007.  Yea, that is a long long time to wait.  Fear, makes you do crazy things right?  Also I feel a little anxiety.  Really though, what I feel is that light at the end of the tunnel moment. 

After the appointment there will be more details for me to share with you.  Such as what the surgical process with be, when it will happen, and how crazy stressed out I am waiting for it to be over.  If you are going through this, know someone who is, I hope seeing me going through this takes the scare factor out of it for you.

My experience has been one of those rare percentages they tell you about that will have complications.  The usual surgery is smooth and uncomplicated.  So fear not my people, if you are going through this, this will be fine. Get a well respected Doctor that has a great hospital to support him/her.  Never go through a surgical center.  You lose some of your patient rights.  Check your Dr out through the State board of medical examiners to make sure there have been no complaints against them.  It helps if you have had a friend that has gone through this that has recommended this Doctor to you as well.  If  you have done all this homework, and your Doc has checked out, then you should proceed with confidence.  Focus on your health.

Since I am going through this and opening up to you, if you find that you want to open up to me, you can post a comment or direct email me. 

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