Tuesday, March 1, 2011

John Galliano, what is up with that?

Wow, This guy is crazy.  Crazy talented, and crazy in the head.  If you haven't heard, Mr. John Galliano Fashion designer for the house of Dior has been caught been very naughty in a Paris bar, chastising a couple (who wasn't even Jewish) with massive anti semitic statements.  All caught on film and posted all over the internet, played on news channels all over the world. 

Here is the brief and most important part:

This video so offended Miss Natalie Portman, who is the new spokesperson for Dior. She also was born in Jerusalem Israel, and happens to be Jewish. Much right to feel offense yes? She made a nicely worded statement about her offense at his being part of the company she is now a rep for. Not long after, Mr Galliano was Let go.

After you have watched the video I want to state something that should be obvious to anyone who studied history in Junior high or High school. Yes, Hitler killed Jews, but he also killed Gypsies, Catholics, and Gays. Mr. Galliano happens to be gay. Not saying he is a hypocrite, but if his pricey fashionista shoes fits.... He can't love Hitler, If Hitler would have killed him for his lifestyle, and still hate Jews can he? I dunno, it seems sort of twisted logic to me. I'm much confused by this. Why couldn't he just eat his dinner and leave the other diners to eat theirs in peace too? The world may never know. I suppose that is what keeps the world going. The interesting things that crazy people do. Wether you love his fashions of not, I am sure the majority would agree there is a way to behave in public, and that wasn't it.

Bottom line for me is that Natalie is Bad Ass and I love her as actress and a person. Her Statement was classy and not hateful. It could have been emotional and mean spirited. I'm so proud of how she handled it.

Well, I guess I went on a bit of a rant myself didn't I?

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