Tuesday, March 29, 2011

6 days till my life changing reconstructive surgery!

This is an image of me just before I had to have the emergency surgery to remove my implant. I am getting anxious to look a bit like this again. No more inch thick bra straps! I will be able to dress a bit more feminine and a cover up a little less. This past year I have felt positively matronly. My darling Mo, got me some lovely Modcloth dresses for Christmas. These are my goal items to wear once I am healed enough to not have to wear the post surgery garment. Would you like to see them?

4 score and 7 tiers dress

Make a dash dress

It will be a happy day for me when I can wear one of these dresses.  That will be the signal that I am well on my way to becoming healed, healthy and closing this chapter of my life. 
So, My people please keep a happy thought or a prayer in your heart for me as I go through this process.  That way I can get to the after pictures quicker.  Thanks again for going through this ride with me!


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