Tuesday, March 22, 2011

So, what is a Pleural effusion anyway?

I've really gotten off topic of cosmetics and fashion lately.  The whole process of what I am about to go through has sort of overtaken my thought process.  Not to mention the curve ball of the strange images on my lung images and my cat scan.  It is preoccupying me. 

You have heard me talk about the fluid in my lungs being called a Pleural effusion.  I went to my surgeon today.  We are still going forward as though the surgery will happen.  She wants me to have an MRI, which will happen tomorrow. Also a test called a thoracentesis. I'll be having this test done on Thursday. This test is where a Pulmonologist puts a long thin needle or tube, guided by ultra sound, into the effusion and draws out the fluid or blood.  Then they test it for abnormal cells. 

My surgeon and I are heading forward with the surgery plans with hopes that all these tests come back normal.  If they don't, then we will be cancelling again, and I will be updating you on a whole new set of situations. 

Soon I will get back to focusing on things that relate more to topics for this blog.
Thank you everyone who has given me there well wishes, good thoughts and prayers.


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