Thursday, March 3, 2011

What is in my kit?

An artist's kit is a wild and mysterious adventure. Filled with many products. Professional high end products as well as inexpensive products from a many odd and unique place. How about I start at the beginning. Without going and labeling every item I have in my kit, I will hit the high notes and add the filler items.

Firstly you must have a great cleanser, toner and moisturizer as these three items are the basis of achieving a final beautiful image. I use cetephil, witch hazel, and first aid ultra repair cream. You really need a great set of brushes, if possible two so that you can not have to stop and clean while working on a client.

Now you've used the triad for healthy skin to prepare for the rest of your makeup. For most of my life I didn't use this and once I began it made such a huge difference in how my makeup looked and lasted it like a miracle. That product is a facial primer. There are a lot to choose from. My favorite is Makeup forever HD. You'll need a good concealer or color corrector (hiding dark circles or going back after shadow application to clean up under eye area), foundation, powder, blush/bronzer, eyeshadow primer (I use Lime crime) eyebrow pencil or wax, eyeshadow, eyeliner or all sorts,and Finishing powder. Don't forget lipstick, or lipgloss.

Those are the basics for cosmetics. I also carry headbands for holding hair out of the way. A good pair of tweezers to capture the stray eyebrow hair or other facial hair, q-tips for cleaning up mistakes around the eyes or cleaning up around the lip line. Most professional artists will use a blending palette for mixing cream makeups to create a new color. You can buy one or use pre-cut wax tissue paper palettes that you can purchase at hobby lobby or beauty supplies. I cheat and use the back of my hand.

Washing your hands and hand sanitizing is very important to keeping cross contamination down between your hands, brushes and their skin. Once you have washed, toned and moistured their face, the last thing you want is to blow on a brush to remove excess powder and then put your yucky germ riddled brush on their face. That is another reason for having two sets of brushes instead of just one.

How to carry your kit from place to place. There are a lot of fancy professional kits out there for carrying your products. You don't need to spend a fortune. A suitcase with wheels works fine. You can keep your individual items separated into specific bags for the type of cosmetic that is in them. The suitcase can be divided into sections using sponge that you buy at the fabric store. Or you can simply buy a suitcase that has sections already.

Here is a small list of makeup companies I use:
Makeup Forever
Ben Nye
I also really like this web site  There is a large selection of High quality professional products as well as high quality inexpensive products from companies that have been around forever.  That are staple products in kits around the works. Such as Girlactic, and amuse.

Have fun as you build your kit.  Wether it is a kit for your own personal use or for financial pursuits.  Thanks for reading missditz-the

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