Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ewwww, gross! Your purse is a germ bag.

Hello my people,

I'm fresh home from my Alabama road trip.  We drove straight through instead of staying at a hotel.  Ahhhh, it feels good to be home.  The trip was great.  I'll never forget the memories my Daughter and I made this week.  Awesome best sums it up.

The travel wasn't hard.  I am used to packing and taking off.  One thing that stuck out like a sore thumb to me after yesterdays dirty public restroom experiences, was germ bag purses.  What Do you do when there is no door hook?  I usually keep my purse on my shoulder.  But what if it's too long?  Or maybe you are in a restaurant or somewhere else that you may have to put your purse on a table or a floor.  Yuck right?  Here are a few ways to prevent purse germs and how to clean them once you have them.

How to prevent getting germy:

First, never set your purse on the floor anywhere.  Including your own home.  People track things in on their shoes.  Just think, I you have a dog and you walk in your yard.... See where I am heading?  It is best to hang them on a hook or put them in a designated drawer.  Preferably a clean drawer.

Second, If you are in a public area such as a restaurant it is helpful to have a purse hook.  You can find these for purchase in most book stores.  Even some clothing stores sell them where you purchase purses.  There is also another pretty cool product called the fumi bracelet purse hook.  It is pretty adorable.  Here is the link:


Third, when in a bathroom, always hang your purse on the hook provided.  If there is no hook, hold onto your purse in anyway you can.  Just DON'T put it on the floor!  

How to clean your purse:

First, Take all the items out of your purse.  Make sure all the hidden pockets are empty.  Shake the inside of your purse out over trash can.  If that doesn't get out all the little crumbs out, take out your vacuum with the smallest of nozzle attachments and vacuum the inside to get all those creases and seams.  If your purse is fabric, this isn't necessary.  Just flip the inside lining to the outside and run it through the wash cold with like colors.  Now if your purse is leather or leatherish type material, then you will have to clean it by hand.  Once the inside is clean, You can give the outside a bath by using a soft cloth and some warm lightly soapy water to get the dirt off.  Then use a cloth with warm water to rinse the soap off.  I have to admit that I am a cheater and a germaphobe.  I use clorox wipes to clean my purse or handbag all the time.  

Second, lysole is your friend!  It is perfectly acceptable to spray it on the bottom of your purse and the surfaces that you touch the most on it.

Third, if you have already determined you have a germ bag there is a product that you can use to remove every last one of them.  I uses UV light to destroy the little boogers!  You can almost hear them screaming "help me I'm melting" as they are being wiped out.  I am seriously thinking of getting one.  If I do, for sure I will review it on

Pocket purifier

Thing dandy little device will kill germs on door knobs, light switches, cellphones, and anything you want to de-germ.  You can travel with it and use it on surfaces in your hotel room.  I am sure that there are larger more professional models out there too. 

Death to the germs!!  For all of you that for your own reasons have taken up the cause of preventing germs, I hope this information has helped. 

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  1. Gross, hang the bracelet on dirty things like bathroom door knobs then put it back on your wrist on have lunch! Yuck.