Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I've been scanned and today I get probed.

Well my people,
I had my cat scan yesterday.  Wow, talk about fun.  Not really.  They injected me with this lovely contrast that makes you feel as though you are having the worst hot flash in history.  The radiologist had put a rush on my scan results so that they would be done yesterday.  All the Doctors who were supposed to received the report on the results.  I definitely have a mass on the right lung, and I also have two fluid pockets.  One on each lung.  The fluid pockets can be drained and tested for infection and unusual cells.  There are two theories on the mass.  The radiology technician from my primary Dr. said I need to see me Oncologist because my breast cancer could have metastasized, or I could have developed inflammatory breast cancer.   That is worrisome to me since my sister Lynn died a yr ago of lung cancer.  My surgeon call actually called and spoke with the radiologist who did the scan and the theory they both agree on is this.  The fluid pockets need to be drained and tested.  I have a call in to the kind of Dr that does that for an appointment.  The mass in my chest is partially scar tissue and that my pectoral muscle is twisted.  Part of it is twisted in one direction and the other is going in the other direction.  Just imagine a dish rag.  Put it in your hand and wring it out.  That is what it would look like in my chest.  Since my surgeon took the time to call and talk to the radiologist and call me back personally, plus we have a long running relationship, I tend to believe her and trust her.  The only thing I have to worry about is if any weird cells show up in the fluid in my lungs.  So, Am I worried?  Yesterday, I fell to pieces.  Today, I feel calm and peaceful.  Like it is all under control.

I will let you know when I go in for the fluid to be drawn and what the results are.  I will also be having an mri.  Just to make sure everything looks good there. 

That is the most recent update.

Thanks for stopping by people.


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