Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's not a beautiful life with cellphone mayhem!

Oh my people.  Today I had the most wonderful honor of watching my daughter be accepted into the Phi Theta Kapa.  The international honor society.  The ceremony was beautiful.  Except for the cell phone orchestra.  You would think that cells have been around long enough that people would know some simple etiquette.  When in a public even, you either turn it off or turn the ringer to off.  If you hear one cell go off it should be a signal to you that you should check to make sure yours is off. 

One phone went off, and I was like, "okay, that's to be expected, now everyone will turn them off".  Then another and a third, then a fourth.  That is around the time I was fantasizing in mind of standing up and turning around toward the sound and saying "hey, we all think your ring tone is cute, but we would enjoy it more if you would play it after the ceremony is over, so why don't we ALL turn our phones off?"  That made me smile.  Cause I know that by actually doing that I'd be worse than the ring tones themselves, but the idea of totally calling out a person who is disrupting a special time made me grin.  Heck, earlier in the event a young woman with a cranky child even left the room with him rather than interrupt things for everyone else.  I appreciate that simple common sense act.  It couldn't have been fun for her to leave.  But it was sure thoughtful.

Since this site is as much about having a beautiful life as it is about makeup, and beauty products.  I just want to remind everyone to be beautiful with your electronic sound pollution.  Today made me aware of how many of our electronic products give off little beeping, buzzing, and whirring noises.  From our digital cameras, and phones, to even the wireless headsets.  I'm going to become a positive force in not causing cellphone mayhem!

Have a beautiful day today.


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