Sunday, March 27, 2011

TOXIC-People can compromise your health, and steal your beauty.

Does that sound dramatic and overstated?  I assure you it isn't.
They fall into about 8 categories according to Psychologists. 

Fits several categories-life sucker, manipulator, disrespectful, negative.

The life sucker- You just can not give this person enough of your time, energy or patience.  No matter how giving your are it will never be enough.  "give an inch take a mile" that is this person's motto. But what you give them can't make them happy, so they will nit pic and find plenty of negative things to say about and to you.  Exit stage left as soon as your realize this person is giving you an ulcer and loss of sleep.  Break up with them!  Make it a totally burned bridge!

Disrespectful- By this I mean beyond casual contact disrespect.  You may work with this person 8-10 hours a day.  Or they may be a family member or a friend of your significant other.  This person will put their nose where it doesn't belong, give you advice you didn't ask for, tell you they don't like your hair, you're too fat, skinny, tall ect.  If you are related you won't be able to avoid this person so you must draw a line in the sand and tell them that you have boundaries and if they cross them it won't be pleasant for them.  Be firm and stand up for yourself.  Wither it is in the office or in your family.

Negative people- they are never happy about anything.  They could win the lottery and they'd be complaining about how they have to pay taxes on it.  They can suck the joy out of a room in 20 seconds flat.  Hang around a person like this for any length of time and you will begin to feel depressed.  They just rub off on you that way.  Over time, you may find yourself not wanting to dress up, or makeup, or go out.  They can really bring you down that far.  Avoid them at all costs.  If this person becomes stalkerish, you will have to tell them to stay far away from you because you're trouble with a capital T.  Make it a game, Just for giggles out negative them.  Talk about the wars and sunomis and oil prices and how the world is going to end.  LOL.  I had this work one time.  I can't guarantee that it works every time.

Marie is an insincere person and a soul killer

Insincere people- They will laugh at your jokes and pat you on the back saying good job when something nice happens.  But it is obvious to everyone that they don't mean it at all.  It is there tone, and body language.  They are dripping with an air of uncaring.  These people are a bit easier to ignore.  So, just ignore them.

Soul killer- No matter what your dreams, goals or aspirations they will crush you with reasons why it will never work out for you.  Why you'll never be good enough.  How you won't make it anywhere in life.   These people erode your soul, your self esteem.  You may have to completely break ties with them. 

Judgmental people- They are a lot like negative people.  They won't have anything nice to say about you.  They want you to see things their way.  They are always right and they think they know everything about everything.  They won't stop till you either leave the relationship or they get you to see their way.  These type of people will chip away at your individuality as they seek to make you in the image of themselves.

The Manipulator-They will slowly get you to do what they want without you even realizing you've been manipulated.  This person can see your weakness and will use it to get you moving in their direction.  Hang around this person and you will do things that you wouldn't ordinarily do.  You will lose your sense of identity and basically you have sold your soul to them. 

Charlie Sheen the Narcissist in life and in Character

The Narcissist- You will know you are with this person, because everything is all about them.  Narcissist tend to  leave your needs in the dirt.  You are expected to focus entirely on their needs, wants and desires to the detriment of your own.  You will be left sucked dry and empty.  When you have nothing left to give, they will move on to fertile ground. 

What all of these personalities can do to your health is this.  They affect your sleep.  You are so focused on them you can't shut it off.  At night you won't be able to sleep.  Any of these personalities can make you lose your focus on yourself and constantly be focused on them. It affects your work, your other relationships, your social life, even your hobbies.  It is stressful and fatiguing.  Leaving you tired and irritable.  Fatigue, lack of sleep, and stress can wreck havoc on your physical health and mental health.  If you are tired, feeling ill and depressed then you can start to have bad health problems.  It can cause your skin to break out, hair loss, weight loss or gain. 

You are who you hang around.  If you aren't who you hang around now, you will become just like them in a matter of time.  You lose yourself.  So, surround yourself with people who bring you joy, have similar likes.  People who will be honest with you but nice about it.  Healthy relationships keep you healthy. 

Being around any of these personalities makes for far less that a beautiful life.  Choose your people wisely.  If more than one person in your life is warning you against a person LISTEN!  People you care about who are warning you are generally looking out for your best interests.  Choose a more beautiful life and surround yourself with positive people who bring fun to and happiness to your life.  Your life won't be perfect, but you will be healthy and not depressed.

Okay people, have a great week.


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