Thursday, March 17, 2011

Freebies with Benefit purchase

Today while I was killing some time, I wondered into an Ulta store.  I've run out of erase paste.  Here was a good opportunity to purchase some.  I decided to flip through the circular, and saw that there was a free finding Mr. Bright (which has erase paste as well as a few other benefit products) with a $25 purchase.  So, I purchased the That gal face primer.  I've never tried this.  This will be a great chance to try something new to review and perhaps tutorial.  There was also supposed to be a free benefit shower cap with this offer.  They had run out.  Instead they gave me a benefit day timer.  Who can't use a place to keep appointments and phone numbers, and emails? 
What a great bargain.  I got all these things.  I've never tried the Girl meets pearl or the That gal.  That gives me something great to look forward to trying.  Soon as I get back to Texas I'll have to show you the products and do a quick trial of them.  I'm looking forward to that. 

We leave Alabama in the morning.  I'll talk to you in a couple days my people. 
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