Friday, March 11, 2011

Lady Gaga....I have a question?

Okay, so check this.  I have all this bizarre questions that roll through my mind while I am day dreaming.  Is there really a hollow tree with Keebler elves making chocolate goodness just for my daily joy?  Did Elvis fake his death?  Is Agent Mulder right?  Is  the truth really out there?????

The question that is baffling me is this.  We have all seen lady Gaga on stage in her fantastical outfits.  You look at her, and there is no way to tell who the real her is.  So, If The Lady were to go out in public incognito would she go as her self?  And would anybody be able to tell or recognize her besides Perez or Paris Hilton?  I know.... It overwhelms the mind doesn't it?

All silliness aside.  I truly do wonder what Lady Gaga looks like when she lets her costumes down and throws on a pair jeans.  Would she be recognizable to a mere mortal like me?  I searched all over the internet for a photo of her as herself.  I could only find one of her performing at the met in 2010.  She was performing at the request of  Anna Wintour.  Miss Wintour had asked her to stay out of costume and not to get all sweaty.  Prior to going on stage this threw Gaga into a full blown tantrum that made her lock herself in the bathroom.  Only coming out when Oprah came to the rescue telling her she was needed and the event couldn't go on without her.  Now I get the outfits.  Before I really though it was about being creative and talented.  After reading the article (which I will link) I really think the outfits are an armour, and provide protection for her fragile nature.

Did you see the picture.  She is really pretty.  Would you recognize her in public?

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