Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Glasses as a beauty accessory.

Four eyes, You got four eyes! That is the phrase that sends panic and fear through every young child when they hear the dreaded sentence, "you need glasses" It seems that the younger you are the more traumatic it can be. For some reason young ladies take it harder than young men. Kids can be brutal to one another about things like that. Saying things like "boys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses. Not so I. We have all seen how mesmerizing the bookish librarian can become when she shakes her bun out and removes those glasses. Well, I say glasses can be cool if you have them. Use them as an uber cool accessory. If you're lucky enough to be able to wear makeup to further accessorize you glasses and draw more attention to your big beautiful eyes.

Michelle Phan, who is one of my all time number one favorite makeup artists, has made several videos about how to accessorize your eyes with glasses. As well as how to play up your glasses with amazing makeup. Here is just one of many of my favorite videos from her. The video sort of goes over into my side frame. To fully enjoy this video please expand it to full screen. Chic Makeup for Glasses:

Many well known stage, movie and musical artists wear glasses and look quite trendy with them. This goes beyond reading glasses, and includes sun glasses. Women and Men alike. Some of those men even wear makeup. Such as Mr. Johnny Depp. The sun glasses can be seriously cool too for those of us born without out the need for glasses.
Jennifer Garner

Kirsten Dunst

Lisa Loeb

Johnny Depp

Hugh Laurie


Michael Weatherly

When you put on sunglasses it immediately adds an air of mystery to you.  There is just something about having your eyes closed off from the world that makes you suddenly become more wonderful looking.  See there, you don't even need to put on eye makeup and you look wonderful!  What a bonus it is to have a great pair of sunglasses.  So, get a pair, or ever two or three.  They don't have to be pricey. They just have to look cool to you.

Jeffery Donovan                                     

Leighton Meester

Tammin Surok

I hope you enjoyed watching the amazing makeup wizardry of Michelle Phan.  Isn't she blow your mind great?  This article has been a blast to do.  Time was lost.  It went so fast.
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