Thursday, March 10, 2011

Modcloth -I've received my cabin fever goodies!

There is nothing more exciting to me than receiving a package in the mail.  When you have a box to open, even if  you know what is inside, it's like opening a present.  I love that feeling.  The cabin fever sale couldn't have come at a better time.  We'd been through and ice storm, then went to Colorado where it was freezing.  So, when we got home and it was still cold, seeing the sale, it was destiny.

A lot of people look at the prices and think this store is waaaay too pricey.  If the clothes where average  off the rack regular quality clothes, I would agree with that statement.  These items are made by established as well as up and coming designers.  The clothing has unique buttons, detailing and style.  Many of the items are either actually vintage and snapped up quickly, or fashioned after vintage items.  You'll find the stitching is double stitching, there are french seams, and stitch in the ditch stitching.   Higher quality fabrics and trimmings plus all of the extra attention to detail make the clothing completely worth the price.  There is an old saying that one quality piece of clothing that is classic not only will last but will stay in style.  There you go, it is worth the price.

Here are some photos of two lovely jackets that I ordered.

Gumdrop Detective Coat

Double Breasted Carmel Coat

I really love both of these.  The picture on modcloth shows much better the detailing on the gumdrop jacket.  Here is their photo.

Just look at how amazing those buttons are.  But it's the sleeves that really got me.  Plus I just loved how it flairs out in the skirt.  This is my example of paying a little more for great quality.  This is a classic design, great quality, it won't go out of style, and I will be able to wear it with anything for years to come.  Now, I'm not saying run out and spend a fortune on clothes.  Buying a few key classic pieces to punch up your wardrobe each season will build your wardrobe over time.  Then you weave in the regular clothing in with them and Voila!  You have a completely amazing style. 

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